Thelucky7crew was hacked!

2007-12-23 00:36:35 by LGWC

Sparkwattclock: Guys the L7C was hacked! Just block them from your portal buddies!


Rember even though your losing some of your flashes it will keep them from using your username for evil purposes! I did it for this crew and my account!

No more mods!!!!!

2007-12-12 16:38:19 by LGWC

Sparkwattclock: I can't have any new mods until we have some more members!

Anyways look at the other pages for more info anyways see ya!

Youtube area

2007-12-11 10:53:47 by LGWC

ricksed: >This is the LGWC's offical youtube area.
P.S. To enter the contest(ad flash) Click here


2007-12-04 21:16:37 by LGWC

ricksed: I'm holding a contest for an ad flash to support our crew.
Deadline is yet to be decided.
Must be sent to in .swf format
Before the winning ad flash is submitted everyone must add LGWC to their buddy list
Members from both the L7 crew and GWC crew can participate but must add LGWC to their buddy list for credit.

Portal Buddy list

2007-12-01 17:09:48 by LGWC

Add this account to your portal buddy list.

BLOODMAN101: " I created a better display image, its a wasted dude that looks like garbage saying " I may have found a $100.100 bill but ive still got garbage" ( or somwething familiar) do i get a promotion to sub LDR lol? AND I ALSO MADE A HEADER!

and i just got level 4 ya!.bloodman101 out."

Portal Buddy list

The crews account

2007-12-01 14:15:02 by LGWC

This will be the account for our crew here it is!

We will tell everyone everyhing later!

Anyone can use the account if they are in our crew!